Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The BBC brings a WTF moment on Korean geography

The BBC has a write-up on the overall state of relations between Pyongyang and Seoul. Nothing unpredictable — relations have gone south (ha ha) since conservative Lee Myung-bak took power last year, erasing all the "progress" North Korea had made under the Roh Moo-hyun administration — but a decent, succinct overview nonetheless.

Except for one thing: The BBC have rather botched their map of the Northern Limit Line (NLL; 북방한계선). Note the mini archipelago that runs from Seoul westward, a smattering of ROK-controlled islands which the BBC has placed on the North Korean side of the NLL. 

If you compare the BBC map at left with the one here or here, you can see that the actual NLL is much closer to North Korea's southwestern coastline and that the BBC map was put together by a drunken Mancunian. 

A century from now, the great grandson of Gerry Bevers will offer up this map as proof that Paengyŏngdo, Kanghwado, and several other ROK islands* actually belong to the People's Republic of China's Inner Chosŏn Autonomous Region

* Specifically, Taech'ŏngdo, Sochŏngdo, Yŏngp'yŏngdo, and Udo. 

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