Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blogger asked by moderator to stop posts on Dokdo

It seems Da' Netizens are tired of Gerry, It seems Da’ Netizens have tattled on Gerry, who as you know writes quite a bit on Dokdo over at The Marmot's Hole. In his last post, Gerry says he has written his "final Dokdo response," and contributor/moderator Brendon Carr has told him "final means final," warning that "the next Dokdo comments out of you — ever — get deleted."

Amazing… you can be an Internet journalist and post a whole series of obnoxious, racist crap (see Sin Yeon-hee’s stuff here), not to mention the kind of stuff you see posted about Japan on a regular basis. But if you post intelligent, well-reason discourse on Dokdo, you’d better be prepared to pay with your commenting privileges.

Frankly, I don’t know who’s worse… the niggled netizens of Marmot's Hole or the Marmot's Hole moderator who caved into them.


  1. I don't know if Gerry reads my site, but I find his antics tiring---regardless of the validity of his claims---and would not welcome themn on my site. Now, Brendon Carr is almost as big a dick as Gerry Bevers, so let's not think he's taking some high road or anything. He and the gang of guest bloggers The Marmot's Hole have assembled have managed to drag it down into mediocrity . . . back when Robert was posting more you had The Marmot's Hole, and then TMH Weekend Edition, with the half-assed crap from the other bloggers. Why he picked those few I have no idea. I'm quite thankful Gerry or Brendon or the other hooligans in that comment section take an interest in what I write, and I'm happy I don't have to waste any time deleting their pollution from my site.

  2. Well, his style is tiring, and when I have looked into his claims, they really didn't hold water. So much of what he writes is supposition based on a self-serving interpretation of things that are not crystal clear, plus wholesale ignoring what works against his argument.

    That said, I've already suggested how I feel about his right to blog what he wants.

    More to the point, this post was a parody of the November 2006 post hotlinked in the phrase "tattled on Gerry," in which a very long comments section erupts from people who see his gagging as a form of censorship.

    I decided to do that, following the same style, because right there in the same blog where people came to his defense, he was gagged with nary a whimper or a single candle lit.

    It seems like I'm picking on Gerry Bevers, Rex Hand, and Dave Crow lately, but I do defend their right to say what they want to say and I'm sure that at heart they're probably decent guys. Probably.


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