Friday, March 6, 2009

Lee Myungbak gives love, gets love in Australia

South Korean President Lee Myungbak and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced a defense pact between their respective countries. 

The two countries will hold more joint military training exercises, share classified military information more safely, and cooperate more closely on terrorism, drug smuggling, piracy, and the trafficking of people and weapons. 

Oh, and one other thing, especially for those who subscribe to the notion that South Koreans are generally ungrateful for the sacrifices of UN Forces combatants during the Korean War, President Lee did acknowledge the Australians who fought side by side with South Koreans during that bloody war. Some 1500 Australians were wounded and 339 died

President Lee's trip south has also been fruitful on the economic front: South Korea has made agreements with both Australia and New Zealand to begin free trade talks. 

[above: President Lee's meeting in Australia with Prime Minister Rudd has been considered an unmitigated success, particularly because no Koreans stabbed anybody while he was in the country. Also, 2MB made a special new friend. Sniff! You had me at "Annyŏng."]

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