Friday, March 6, 2009

You look mah~velous.

I get up this morning and it's cold. It's been cold in Hawaii since the beginning of February, and by cold I mean temperatures in the 60s (Fahrenheit, that is; around 15°C) with a lot of wind and rain without warning. 

In a place with no heaters, that starts to feel pretty cold after a while. People are bundling up the Oahu way: wearing long pants, putting on hoodies and sweaters, wearing jackets. I myself came close to giving up shorts. I'm annoyed because I can't go swimming. I take long rides in my car just so I can enjoy the car heater for a while. 

But it's all relative. The ticker at the top of my iMac says it's 3.2°C in Seoul where this woman in a short skirt is shopping for shoes at a Myŏngdong shop. That's 38°F, and she's dressed the way people around Honolulu are dressed. 

But that is fashion in Korea: no matter what the temperature, even when it's well below freezing, you will see some women showing at least a bit of leg so they can look fashionable. In the words of Billy Crystal's legendary Fernando Lamas (circa 1985), "It's better to look good than to feel good."

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