Monday, March 9, 2009

Like Korea needs more young people to be inspired to play Starcraft

Alan Feng, the UC Berkeley professor who teaches Starcraft (yep, that's what the Public Ivys do), tells GosuGamers about — among other things — how Korea has influenced his dreams of professional gaming, and how his professional gaming has influenced Koreans. 

Maybe he can use his influence in a PSA to inform gamers not to hang around PC-bangs for 96 hours in a row until someone finds their shriveled up body slumped over into a bowl of instant ramyŏn.


  1. I was rather disturbed by your name calling; it appears out of character for you. I accept your apology. We can be friends again now. What I was attempting to do, which is similar to what you wrote, was to call into question the normalization of suicide into the mainstream. I do not know why this woman killed herself, but the trival reason Choi, Jin-shil had to kill herself sends shocking precedence to young minds: to wit, that it is acceptable to kill yourself over small issues that will be forgotten in a mere few weeks.

  2. Actually, this is sometimes right out of my character. I can be a real mercurial sort sometimes, and I end up having to apologize.

    Anyway, thanks for accepting the apology. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I avoided saying "you're an ass," but just said "don't be an ass." A subtle difference in my intent, but both may be offensive name-calling nonetheless.

    And sorry to Brian for degrading the tone of the comments, especially on this type of post.

    Anyway, I'm also sorry I had missed your point, nb. It is disturbing that people are committing suicide over what are basically trivial issues — that are by no means permanent.


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