Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Kor for Wednesday, February 29, 2012: You can spell dupe without D, U, P...

I'd like to bring back the Daily Kor, but it's a labor-intensive process, so I'm toying with the idea of doing a daily "lite" version that isn't intended as a comprehensive list of top news but which includes a slight bit more analysis.
  1. The Commander of the US Pacific Fleet says food aid to North Korea will be tied to progress on nuclear talks (BBC, Fox News). If so, we should expect North Korea to ratchet up its scary rhetoric against the South. 
    • At the same time, Admiral Willard is saying we should expect more of the same from Kim Jong-un as we got from his father (Reuters).
    • US Special Representative on North Korea Glyn Davies says we should wait and see on nuclear talks that so far have been substantive and have narrowed differences (UPI).
  2. According to a China Daily op-ed (link), Seoul is "undermining" the Korean Peninsula "peace process" by harping on the PRC's repatriation of North Korean refugees back to the DPRK. I have fisked it here
  3. North Korea is knocking presumptive Saenuri Party (formerly Hannara Party) presidential nominee as having "the mindset of a dictator" (Chosun Ilbo). 
    • Genetically, she's only half dictator.
  4. South Korean industrial output has shrunk 2 percent from a year ago, the first time in thirty-one months (Yonhap).
  5. An American ship is in North Korea's Nampo Harbor, waiting to resume the hunt for the remains of Korean War veterans, a money-making activity for the Pyongyang regime that has been on hold since 2005 (Fox News).
  6. US President Barack Hussein Obama says that, thanks to the soon-to-go-in-effect KORUS Free Trade Agreement, there will be a jump in American-made cars on Seoul streets (Yonhap).
  7. Japanese police have raided the Tokyo offices of an organization associated with Chongryon, the pro-Pyongyang group representing a significant portion of Japan's zainichi Koreans, claiming they were violating sanctions against North Korea by shipping computers to the DPRK (BBC).
  8. Lee Kunhee's seventy-year-old sister is suing over inheritance of shares in the Samsung empire (Reuters).
  9. The Democratic United Party says that if it is victorious it will ditch President Lee Myungbak's hardline policy in favor of more handholding with North Korea (Reuters).
    • Like the title says up above, you can't spell dupe without D, U, P... 
  10. Chronologists claim this month has been the longest February on record since 2008 (UPI).

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