Saturday, February 11, 2012

[UPDATED] The retweets of his death have been greatly reverberated.

One quarter of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

This week, the Chinese netizens have been lighting up the Interwebs with rumors that North Korea's newest and youngest strongman has been assassinated.

Next week, after this has all died down and it turns out to be someone's idea of a joke, they'll be back to grousing that South Koreans claim to have invented everything, like Chinese script, Chinese medicine, Confucius, and North Korea.

Writing at Gawker, Beijing resident Adrian Chen has a rundown on how the rumor of the Prodigious Progeny may have come about and spread like Bird Flu in a Guangzhou market. Apparently a gathering of dignitaries marking the birthday of the recently deceased Dear Leader led some folks to think something was up.

North Korea watchers are uncertain when this photo was taken of Kim Jong-un with a Cheju Island haenyŏ diver and Penetrating Penis, the star of NHK's "Penetrating Penis Super Show." Does anyone actually read my captions? I'm beginning to feel I could write just about anything here and it wouldn't make a lick of difference. 


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