Sunday, February 5, 2012

Take Ŏnni

If ever there was a sign that North Korea may actually, really, sincerely be poised for a big change, this is it.

No, I'm not kidding.

(And yeah, when I was young, we did joke that A-ha was singing "Take ŏnni," or "Take Onmi" (언미 being my friend's kinda hot older sister). They were in fact singing "Take on me," which was just the first in a string of lyrics that made no sense whatsoever.

[Insert joke about North Korea finally catching up with the 1980s here.]

If this accordion quintet takes requests, I'd like them to take on Prince's "1999." I'll even go so far as to make up some suitable lyrics:

I was screaming when I wrote this,
I've never had to run so fast.
But I'm not in the Party, so I was not meant to last.

I started to write more, but it's already about bombs, being ready to roar, war being all around us, and an ominous voice saying, "Don't worry, I won't hurt u, I only want u 2 have some fun."

The Wall Street Journal has some background on this video that has apparently gone viral over the weekend.


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