Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wake up, America!

From my inbox this morning, the kind of thing I get every now and again ever since I bought a die-hard Republican voter a gag bumper sticker. I found this one amusing (and simultaneously disturbing), so I thought I'd share (as I've done in the past).

Apparently, this is how the right sees America under President B. Hussein Obama (click to zoom):

Frankly, I had no idea that Kim Jong-il was behind The One's rise (see upper left corner). A good trick, considering that he's dead, but the Dear Leader is not the only dear departed to grace this artist's work:

Doß thou not see where thy standeß,
thou injudicious and chowderheaded Negroe?

Where's the outrage?! Our debt is $15 trillion and Obummer is responsible! And he's so arrogantly standing on the Constitution, while ignoring this poor White boy that has Reagan, Lincoln, Washington, and some other guy in a wig so concerned.

Anyway, I think the young man in the foreground was inspired by Keanu Reeves:


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