Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chopping block

The Los Angeles Times has a round-up of the raft of season and series finalés that have been on TV this month. If you're not sure if your favorite TV show is going to be around or not, this is a good place to look. But be careful of spoilers, just in case you're watching all these shows back on AFN-Korea, Catch-On, or OCN, with the standard one-month to one-year time delay.

Actually, I found the list was a good way to learn about some pretty interesting shows I hadn't heard of. "Southland," NBC's gritty police drama (above) that takes place in Southern California (hence the title — duh!), was a nice find that I've been watching at NBC's online site. Unlike other cop shows where the dialogue is toned down, this one just bleeps out the liberally sprinked profanity.

If you'd like to jump right into a post mortem, go to this LAT piece that lists all the canceled shows. There were some pretty good ones that have been axed prematurely, including the quirky but clever "Pushing Daisies" (below), "Life On Mars," while other shows, like "Boston Legal" or "King of the Hill," have been allowed to exit with dignity.

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