Friday, May 8, 2009

The World According to — Gulp!

Apologies if I'm ruining anyone's meal but, courtesy of the Marmot's Hole (which is turning into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, you might not even notice), here's news of a secretary in Singapore accidentally biting off her philandering boss's kochu while giving him oral sex in a vehicle:
Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported yesterday that while the 30-year-old woman was performing oral sex on the man, the car was hit by a reversing van.

The impact of the crash, China Press reported, caused the woman to bite off her lover's organ.
Sin, chew, indeed.

[below: This stupid post would not be complete without kochu that look like kochu, a language aid, if you will. Blame these folks if you'll never be able to set foot in a Chili's again. At least we know what Dr Hwang's been up to since the whole cloning fiasco.]

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  1. HAHAHA! That is R&D money put to good use. Think of all the women in bad marriages that can chop up little 고추 as they make their husbands' dinners...

    Do they sell strings of dried ones which could be hung as decoration?


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