Saturday, May 16, 2009

Return to Flash Mountain

Did you know that the Internet is full of pervs? Half of my 200 hits per day are people doing image searches, which range from tramp stamps, to naked Korean butts, to naked sex pics of Hong Kong celebrities, to strip-searched eighty-year-old nanas.

Occasionally someone will come by to learn why Korea should not be spelled with a C.

But lately my most popular post has been the one about people flashing their boobs on Disney rides like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, or especially Splash Mountain. Anything with "mountain" in the title will compel some women to show off their own mounds.

(I would warn you that the above link is NSFW, but the fact is, I have no idea if this is okay where you work. Maybe your boss likes this kind of thing and you having it on your monitor will make you more popular and more likely to get that promotion. So in lieu of "NSFW," I will offer the Kushibo Warning: The prior link contains pictures of exposed women's breasts, but it's up to you to decide if that's something you are able to view at work. I ain't your mommy or your nanny.)

Anyway, the imagineers at Disneyland imagined that lots of guests would imagine that's a good idea and imagineer their own such pictures, so they imagineered the job position of "boob cop," a person who would watch for malicious mammaries and nix whatever pictures they showed up in. Plus occasionally get digital copies of the exposed areolae so that pervs like me can show tham to pervs like you.

Well the good news for those of you who wish to live in a society where folks named Billy can flash their silly 'lil willy all willy-nilly, the economic downturn has forced Disneyland to pare down or eliminate that job description.

So, ladies, flash to your heart's contest.

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