Friday, May 8, 2009

Sucks to be Yoo

Orange County kyopo homeboy John Yoo, an architect of the Bush43 administration's now infamous memos that justified torture as an interrogation tool and concluded that the Geneva Convention doesn't apply to terrorism suspects, reportedly may face disciplinary action that could go so far as disbarment.

[above: It also sucks to be someone who is not an actual terrorist but nevertheless gets rounded up in the heat of battle in a war-ravaged country and is tortured and possibly maimed or even killed in the process. It also sucks to be an American or other Westerner who is targeted by those who are recruited by the actual terrorists because torturing America's would-be enemies is now seen as the modus operandi of the United States, particularly if they're Muslims.]


  1. canadian content: also sucks to be refused entry into your home country after being tortured by americans because your prime minister has decided to be a neocon toady forever

    [long sigh]

  2. Can you elaborate? That sounds like so many different scenarios I'm imagining.


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