Sunday, May 31, 2009

Korean health insurance horror stories

The case of Matt Robinson has gotten me thinking again of ways in which the Korean national health insurance, and the medical insurance system in general, can be improved to be more responsive to the needs of international residents.

I suggested that ATEK or some similar group lobby the Korean National Health Insurance Corporation (NHIC) to find ways to bridge gaps in coverage when one is between jobs. I'm also working on ways to improve cross-cultural access (not just to English speakers, but non-Anglophones as well).

In that vein, I would love to hear some horror stories. Not the "Korea is so fu¢ked up" or "What's wrong with these people?" variety, but something productive and useful. If a nurse or a doctor or cashier screwed something up, say so, but don't blame the whole freakin' country.

If you'd rather not share online, email me (anonymously is okay, too).

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