Friday, May 15, 2009

Somalia-e kachi kapshida (Or, Let's head over to the Gulf of Aden and show 'em how ROK-US can kick some ass!)

CNN is reporting that South Korean and American warships stopped a suspected pirate attack on an Egyptian ship in the Gulf of Aden. In the process they captured seventeen suspected pirates (if they don't have parrots on their shoulders, it's hard to immediately identify them, hence they're suspected pirates). 

It was the USS Gettyburg and the ROKS Munmu the Great, both launching helicopters in response to a distress call. They saw a pirate "mother ship," and then boarded. 

[above: Munmu the Great. below: great muumuus]


  1. oooo mumus and mother ships. reminds me of 'mother brain' from the old genesis fantasy star games.

  2. That's too nerdy even for me, Jamie.

    Do you have a link so I can figger out what the hell you're going on about?


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