Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Lost" in Honolulu: Hurley's prison

I think I'm going to start posting scenes from "Lost" which are easily identifiable for those of us who live in Honolulu (yeah, after three years I'm starting to feel like a local).

This prison from which Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is released in the season finalé that aired two days ago is found here. It's the Oahu Community Correctional Facility, where I believe they process a lot of new prisoners. Lots of meth heads.

I just love the cookie-cutter way that Google Maps presents its listings, including the "Write a Review" for all the "prison" entries that popped up on my search.

My review would pretty much be, "Prison sucks," "I'll never come here again," or "The people who stay here really get reamed." Leaving only a 1-star rating is probably smart. If the politicians saw that inmates or their families were leaving three- or four-star ratings, the prisons would quickly end up being on the receiving end of deficit-reducing budget cuts.

Not that you'd want to, but it's easy to find if you're heading from the airport to downtown Honoulu and you go down Kamehameha Highway (a surface street, despite the name) to avoid the traffic on H1 (the worst Interstate Highway in the US, methinks).

It's a prison-looking building, what with all the security in front of it, but it looks very much like something in Hawaii, not a California-style prison, as it's supposed to be on the show. If I saw something like that in California, I'd assume it's an elementary school with stepped-up security. Except for the guard posts.

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