Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Do you have swine flu?" replaces "Are you married?" as second question asked by Seoul taxi drivers

This according to a study by the Metropolitan Taxi Passengers Association.

"Where are you from?" still remains in the top position, while "Do you like Korean girls?" has dropped to number four, now tied with "Why aren't you married?"

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  1. Ah, the scintillating cultural exchanges! I have several questions on the tip of my tongue as well:

    Are you an alcoholic?

    There are many brothels and places to buy sexual service in Seoul? Are you a whoremonger? I hear Koreans almost never use condoms...do you have AIDS?

    Do you beat your wife?

    Is everyone allowed to spit indoors or just middle-aged men?

    Why doesn't Korea have Spring or Fall anymore?

    Why do buildings that have a double-door entrance invariably lock one of the doors?


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