Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nice, aßßhole.

So I'm at the big Safeway on Kapahulu, stocking up on food for the finals crunch, and I buy myself a baguette (something I totally got used to doing in Korea) and I left my cart for a few moments to look for a frozen dinner, it being 10:30 p.m. and the dorm kitchen closing at 11 and all.

So I come back and my cart is gone. I hate things like this because I fear my inability to find things I knew I had left right there is a sure sign of EOGXD (Early Onset Gen-Xer Dementia, all the rage these days).

After I spend a few futile minutes looking for the dang thing, I give up and head back outside for a new cart (almost forgetting that I'm carrying an unpaid-for frozen dinner in my hand — damn EOGXD!), go back in and find a new baguette, and go on with my shopping.

As I go down one of the aisles, this is what I find:

That's right: some a-hole went up to my cart, took my food out, then made off with my cart, leaving me to go back out and get my own. Aßßhole!

What the hell is wrong with people? If only I knew the ethnicity of the culprit so I could make a disparaging generalization — probably totally valid — about their co-ethnics.

Come to think of it, if this is the worst thing I have to complain about right now, life can't be all that bad.

And if this post doesn't get me booted off the Marmot's Hole right-column blog feed, nothing will. Be sure to read the one about the Japan Times revision on Tokto.

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  1. Um why did you leave your cart unattended?

    Never I repeat never leave your cart unattended.

    It's a grocery store, man. Survival of the fittest. lol

  2. It wasn't exactly unattended. I was probably no more than fifteen or twenty feet from it, but it was around the corner.

    I'm one of those courteous shoppers who avoids parking my cart in crowded aisles so that other people can't get by.

    Anyhoo, Hawaii is supposed to be all about the Aloha spirit. That's clearly a load of crap (driving in Honolulu has already proven that to me).


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