Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coach Ben Case sent packing

In an update to this story, the nutty and delusional Mizar "Coach" Ben Case has been voted off the island on Survivor 18. Erinn, the last bit of eye candy left on the show (new mom Taj is married to a guy much bigger than I, so hands and eyes off, though she would be fun to hang out with), managed to outlast Coach in a 3-2 vote against the faux-philosophe, so she will be part of the Final Four, which will be dwindled down to three and then two in next week's Survivor Toncatins finalé.

[above: Erinn, who looks a bit like my ex.]

I was thinking that if the K-blogosphere were somehow engaged in a Survivor-esque competition, I, the "controversial" kushibo ("controversial" either because I refuse to validate people's whiny complaints, such as people yelling "hello!" at them, or their tendency to make uninformed judgments about all of Korea based on the manager of their hagwon, or because people have written sh¡t about me that simply isn't true) would either be voted out in Week 1, or I'd be strategically kept around until the jury picks between the final two, because everyone else would assume that I am the one who they could beat when it goes down to the jury.

Because basically I'm a smugly sarcastic, meticulously contrarian, voluminously humorless aßßhole. And that's okay, because some chicks dig that. They think they can change you.

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  1. Those two guys might split the votes between themselves by not keeping around Sierra, but then, the women might have banded together and voted them off.

    Either way, I think the daily mental challenge would be tougher than the physical aspect.


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