Monday, May 18, 2009

North Korean refugees: Step up or shut up

Kushibo feels strongly about the plight of North Korean refugees. (And I really should update these comments from 2006 in a full-fledged post on the matter.)

Toward that end, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on what points should be addressed in such a post.

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  1. of these refugees trying to squeeze by Chinese guards really frustrates me. This reminds me of the incident (I think it was in '04) when that lady dressed up in a kimono (or yukata) pretending to be a Japanese and they did the same thing to her and tackled her. At least we know that more and more N.Koreans are realizing what a sham their govt is (a preliminary step towards change to come). Although I think most of them DO know..but just can't say anything.


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