Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coke heads in Korea

From a very silly blog...

By no means the funniest one, but the first Korea-related one I found (HT to LOTD). Without the photoshopped Coke bottles, it looks like the woman back there is running a sogaeting for pedophiles.

I guess this second one is also Korea-related.

When in Rome, eh?

And speaking of abusing children...

... I would have chosen a caption about starting kids early on soju binges instead of 꿀벌도 졸리다.


  1. In the cola cult pic....I am wondering who bribed that girl to be there and how much they paid her. lol

  2. Paid her? I think she's running the man-boy love association show.

    Anyhoo, the captions should read (warning: MH references coming):

    Top: Yuna meets with the boys from the kyopo commentariat

    Middle: When fisking doesn't work, Gerry tries fisting kushibo

    Bottom: A young Netizen Kim tries to sober up


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