Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How native English speakers react to "Pocari Sweat"

This is how. I blame the Japanese.


  1. You might want to do a little background on the comment you left at the "Sweat" site. "Gators" have everything to do with Gatorade."


  2. John from Taejŏn wrote:
    You might want to do a little background on the comment you left at the "Sweat" site. "Gators" have everything to do with Gatorade."

    Yes, I've seen the commercials: Gatorade has everything to do with the Gators, but not 'gators.

    Which is why I wrote 'gators (note lowercase "g" and the apostrophe indicating a truncation of something longer) and not the Gators (note uppercase "G" and the "the" indicating a formal group). :)

    'Bo knows football.

  3. What are commercials?

    I've been blissfully commercial-free since the late '90s when I got my first DishNetwork dvr (a whopping 11 hours of recording and a single tuner). I can't believe that they didn't catch on quicker. Now, it's just a matter of time before the Networks have to change their business methods to stay solvent.

  4. I must admit that commercials are one thing I missed while having only AFKN (now AFN Korean) to watch.

    After getting to Hawaii, I watched a lot of them just to refamliarize myself. Some of them are pretty good, though some are disturbing.

    But, yeah, watching them on EyeTV or my DVD-recorder makes it quite easy to click on past them.

  5. I still think it has a lot to do with 'gators. Can you imagine chugging down something called "swamp rat cider" or "channel catfishade" had the University of Florida not chosen the much-maligned alligator as its mascot?

    I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised that most people don't even know the back stories on many of the brands they consume on a daily basis though. I know I would never have guessed that one of my favorite childhood cereals, Apple Jacks, was invented by a MIT professor.

    Here are some Icons that I grew up with that many young people wouldn’t recognize because they aren’t as heavily advertised anymore: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO2UBk2I6S0

    Yeah, I guess I do watch the odd commercial when my sister forwards me something out of the '80s. It's also sad to say that I have been known to catch an "I Love the '80s or '70s" themed show on VH1 every now and again.

  6. summers in busan have made pocari sweat a necessity to live


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