Monday, May 25, 2009

Joshua Stanton and other snoops make the WSJ

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting story from page A32 on folks such as Joshua Stanton (of One Free Korea fame) who have scoured Google Map's offerings of North Korea for evidence of prison camps, military projects, and trappings of the elite. 

The article itself has some interesting tourist features, including the Juche Tower (below). They're also claiming that North Korea has the world's largest stadium, seating 150,000 people. 

I wish Lost Nomad would resurrect his old blog, which had loads of interesting topics, including ones that showed the shadows of North Korean paratroopers practicing their jobs. It was almost like a little video game. 


  1. Looks like the North just exploded another nuclear bomb according to the Marmot.

  2. Thanks. I was getting to it when you left this message.

  3. I figured as much. I doubt it was real, as they didn't go about creating any hysteria this time.

  4. I think you meant to write that in the other post's comments section.


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