Friday, May 8, 2009

Have a toke and you're fired

All this talk at Brian's and Marmot's about teachers smoking pot and whether or not they're doing it before class has reminded me of some stupidity that goes on here on Oahu.

A few months after I first arrived here, one of the big stories was of two teachers smoking a joint in their car right before class. Their defense? The two teachers were smoking a Benson & Hedges cigarette. They had one left and the two smokers (one of them a phys ed teacher!) decided to share it. Someone saw them passing this cig back and forth, and "got a misimpression."

For good measure, we've also got alleged meth traffickers on school payroll.

Meanwhile, random drug testing for teachers — in exchange for higher pay — has become a bit of a controversial issue.

I have been thinking of starting a "forum" of sorts where I simply ask a question and whoever wants to answer can answer. I think I might start with: Is there anything wrong with teachers occasionally smoking pot in places (like Hawaii, Canada, or California) where it is widely accepted? "Widely accepted" meaning famous people like Cameron Diaz (above) can do it out in the open, as she allegedly did in Hawaii with Drew Barrymore. Man, that's sexy.


  1. benson & hedges are fine cigarettes, man. i'd share that with one of my teacher bros.

  2. Smoking, to me, is such a nasty and foul-tasting thing to do, a comment like that makes me wonder if by "fine" you mean "tastes less like shit than the others."


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