Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two-thirds of all H1N1 cases in Korea are English teachers

Fifteen out of twenty-two, according to the Korea Herald (though one is Korean).

Just sayin'.

[above: Epidemiologists believe that foreigners' larger eyes may allow a wider opening for the swine flu virus to enter the body. Because, I mean, there has to be some reason for all this. Is the virus xenophobic? I'll bet the virus is xenophobic. Can we sue the virus for human rights violations? Brendon Carr?]


  1. that illustration is inaccurate, based on the number of english teachers i have seen who are beardy canadians with ponytails and fedoras (LOTS)

  2. No...I don't think the virus is attracted to larger eyes...as it would still infect Koreans who have gone through ssangkapul surgery. It might be attracted to people with more apocrine glands (that's body odor to you and me).


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