Monday, May 18, 2009

News links for May 17-18, 2009

1. North Korean trade in 2008 jumps 29.7% to a record high of $3.8 billion (Asian News Net)

2. Seoul to set up $16.2 billion fund to buy bad loans from financial institutions and assets from cash-strapped countries (Forbes)

3. Oh Jiyoung wins second LPGA title (Korea Times)

4. Unification Minister rules out shutdown of Kaesong Industrial Complex (Yonhap)

5. South Korea hits record trade surplus of $5.79 billion in April (Yonhap)

6. South Korea says its close to signing FTA with European Union (Guardian)

7. Government to make e-government cites accessible from Firefox, Safari, and other browsers by 2011 (Korea Times)

8. Comedian Jay Leno promises Tonight Show finalé will be "90 minutes of dog-eating Korean jokes" (Hollywood Reporter)


  1. thanks! that made my search today a lot easier... ^_^

  2. i'm hoping they will make my old high school's homepage work on firefox soon because i'm tired of telling stories, going to load it up and getting cut off at the pass by 'Warning: eregi(): REG_EPAREN in /home/k2web/public_html/contents/statistics/lib/getOS.php on line 130'

  3. reijene, I'm glad you like it. I'm trying to make it a regular feature now that school's out. Just as long as people realize the last story is not to be taken seriously.

    Shinbone, I totally hear you about that. As a Mac user, I've always found it annoying, and I'm encouraged that the powers-that-be have finally realized there's a problem.

    Even with an English-language XP operating system, I've had trouble with Korean sites.

    And for Mac, they don't even make Internet Explorer anymore. It's gone the way of Netscape Navigator.

  4. yeah, man. and whenever i want to upload videos to cyworld, i either have to borrow someone's computer or... not upload videos.

    forget that noise. there isn't even a good korean-english dictionary for mac. [that i know of]


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