Saturday, May 23, 2009

Roh Moohyun kills himself

This is unbelievable. I even had to go to several sites to make sure it wasn't someone's idea of a sick joke. But it really appears the scandal-beleaguered former president has killed himself by jumping off a mountain.

I'm shocked. I'm angered. I'm sad for him and his family.

I will write more when I get home, because there is too much going through my head to hunt and peck on this iPhone.

Meanwhile the most succint expression of the dirty disgust I feel is this: Hub of suicide.

Requiescat in pace, Mr Roh.

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  1. IS this a joke? It must be a joke.

  2. It's not a joke at all. When I first heard it, the blogs in my sidebar had no mention of it at all, so I thought the single place I'd seen it was making a sick joke or was mistaken.

    But it's true. I just got home and I'm tired (it's 11:30 p.m. here and I've been out all day), not to mentioned mentally exhausted from reading up on this (I spent a couple hours in the Ala Moana Apple Store reading about this), so I'm going to write more on this later. I'm disappointed for so many reasons.

  3. I have a feeling his drastic last act due to his loss of face/greed will lead to more young people, and students, following his lead.

    Damn, it pisses me off.

  4. three years and no interest in Korean politics makes me the biggest idiot of all times.

    what exactly was his indiscretion? i saw the slip-ups of his old staff members but i never read through it. again... not interested in Korean politics whatsoever... but this is one HUGE scandal that i OBVIOUSLY missed.

  5. reijene, in a nutshell, this man who came from nowhere entered politics and rose to the presidency on the platform, basically, of having a conscience and ethics. He was to be Mr Squeaky Clean who would change Seoul's governing culture of corruption.

    But when Lee's government took power in February 2008, they launched probes into perceived wrongdoing by Roh and his family and aides. It turned out that Roh's family had gotten at least $6 million worth of kickbacks in the form of apartments and other things. Perhaps there was more, but we don't know for sure.

    Contrast that with his predecessors' transgressions, such as Roh Tae-woo's admitted $32 million in bribes from Samsung and his conviction on taking some $337 million more than that.

    As I mentioned here, his corruption will be noted for its hypocrisy, not its severity. Roh would likely have been convicted and sentenced to prison, but eventually pardoned, as happened to his predecessors whose crimes were far worse (as far as we know).

    Democracies don't like putting former heads-of-state in jail. Even though, arguably, people like Nixon, George W. Bush, and especially Cheney all deserve(d) to be there. Nixon, eventually, became something of an elder statesman.


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