Monday, May 25, 2009

KIRA apologizes for North Korean nuclear test

KIRA would also like to officially apologize for today's North Korean nuclear test, which may or may not actually be a stockpile of fireworks detonated in a mine shaft. Since Pyongyang only exists today because of money funneled through Kŭmgangsan and Kaesŏng, Seoul takes full responsibility.

And apologies that it happened on Memorial Day, which was no doubt an attempt to further offend Americans, just like in 2006 with the Independence Day missile test.

Kushibo would like to go off the KIRA script for a moment and say: "Who the fu¢k cares? Ignore them. It's probably just an earthquake they're now taking credit for, after the fact."

[above: Members of the Korean People's Liberation Army receive mass training in how to jerk off the Dear Leader, should they ever be called upon for this task.]

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  1. Yeah, that "jerk off the dear leader" practice is an exercise in he gets any woman in the country to do that...unless he's gay...and he does kinda look gay. Anyways, I agree with you on the FU comment to the North as I'm so tired of their "bad child" behavior. I'm waiting for the day we can spank the whining dear leader till his butt bleeds. It's really frustrating, sad and embarrassing to ethnic Koreans everywhere to read about the north's activities day in and day out.


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