Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Day gag I've encountered so far today

Okay, maybe I'm just a bit too cynical and this is real. It would be cool if it were real, but I doubt it:
In seven of the largest cities around the country, we’re sending out two scooter baristas per every square mile to ensure speedy service.

We've even made ordering easy with our Mobile Pour app for your smartphone. Simply download it, allow it to pinpoint your location, select your coffee order and keep walking. Your fresh, hot Starbucks brew will be in your hands before you can say abra-arabica.

What's more, the Starbucks® Mobile Pour is only the first exciting development of our new mobile replenishment strategy. In the coming months we'll be introducing several other exciting (can you say "mall" and "rollerblades") initiatives that make getting your Starbucks coffee easier than ever.
You'd think Ricky Gervais would have people to get his coffee for him.

The other thing that would be cool if it's real but is almost certainly not is Google's Gmail Motion BETA:

In honor of today, List of the Day has a list of the top 100 April Fools Day gags (of the day). That's where I got the Google one above. Included there is BBC's flying penguins of 2008:

The LOTD list forgets to mention the arugula scam. I'm having trouble finding the link, but it turns out arugula consumption is actually a holdover from April Fools Day in 2003, when Olive Garden chefs convinced a gullible public of the supposed heart-healthy effects of wild rocket found in sidewalk cracks. That's right: We've been tricked into putting weeds on our salads.

I missed the big gags at and Youtube, but here's a report on the hulu one, and another that says not-so-nice things about YouTube's offering.

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