Friday, April 1, 2011

Outsized nationalism

With the Japanese whatever Ministry approving textbooks reiterating Japan's claim to the Tokto/Takeshima islets (despite all the crap going on in Japan), I was expecting at least some blowback (despite all the crap going on in Japan), but this is un-freakin'-believable.

A silicon breast implant manufacturer in Ch'ŏngju [Cheongju] has designed breast implants shaped like the East Island and West Island of the "disputed" Tokto Islets (Dokdo/Takeshima) at the center of the diplomatic row du jour between Seoul and Tokyo.
"Truly patriotic women will see this as the must-have items to show their love for their fatherland," says synthetic chemical developer and sculptor Shin Kyutaek of Silico-pia Enterprises. "After surgery, the flesh around the implants will smooth out the accurately contoured shape of the implants. Instead of looking rough, they will be very, very perky."
With mounds shaped like these, the Japanese 
won't be able to resist grabbing your Toktos. 


  1. Oh, come can't believe everything you read. BTW, the link doesn't work.

  2. Indeed, this (and a few other posts during the 43-hour window from the beginning of April 1 in South Korea to the end of April 1 in Hawaii) was meant as an April Fools Day gag.

    It's actually a rehash of a three-year-old post that few people saw. I had planned something else that was blatantly false but it turned out to be so plausible that it would have pissed off a lot of people in the K-blogosphere, so I scrapped it at the last minute.

    Too my knowledge there are no Tokto-shaped breast implants... yet.

  3. LastnameKim wrote:
    Oh, come can't believe everything you read. BTW, the link doesn't work.

    A good rule of thumb on my blog is that if a link doesn't work, it's a good chance it's tongue-in-cheek humor, like with April Fools Day gags and the final story on the Daily Kor that is currently on hiatus.


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