Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthers rip birth certificate to shreds

Well, as I said yesterday, it looks like we can conclude it's a fake (HT to reader).

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And now I hope the birther movement goes after Chester A. Arthur. That fat-ass, even if he was born in the US and not in Canada, had an Irish father who was a British subject at the time of his (Chester's) birth.

And he hid that fact! Boy, did he ever try to hide that fact. In fact, some say his morbid weight gain was so that he could stand right in front of the documentation and no one would see it.

The proof he was trying to pull one over on the nation? That's easy: to this day, most Americans today have no idea who Arthur even is! How's that for proof?

Dangit! it looks like the PDF layers and stuff are easily explained, according to the National Review Online.

But (and this is me channeling the Tea Party), you can't spell RINO without N, R, and O.

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