Monday, April 4, 2011

Out with the beret, in with the Stetson

I realize this story about the US Army replacing the black beret with a dark blue Stetson as the standard headgear was meant as an April Fools Day gag, but dang if they didn't have me convinced it was a good idea:
But the sheer functionality of the wide-brimmed American-classic Stetson won over the majority of the board.

"You can keep the sun out of your eyes, the hat won't melt to your head on a sunny day, and female Soldiers can tuck long hair under a Stetson a lot easier than with the current beret," says Stone. "Plus we've already gone back to blue jackets for the service dress uniform. The Stetson actually completes the look."
This Gen-Xer is getting less and less eligible for service, but I'd consider joining up if it meant I could wear a cowboy hat.

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