Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hawaii to go on "Daylight Losing Time"

It's already annoying that every spring Hawaii goes from being two hours behind the West Coast to three hours, but now the Hawaiian state authorities, desperate to attract more tourism business from East Asia, are actually planning to experiment with Daylight Losing Time. That is, Hawaii will drop an hour so that it will be a mere four hours ahead of Japan and South Korea instead of five, making it easier for tourists to come to the islands for a quickie without sleeping through their visit.

From the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:
"The truth is that Daylight Saving Time is advantageous primarily for northern zones," says Gertrude Hitosuga, a spokeswoman for the Hawaii State Senate that approved the measure on Friday. "But here in the Tropics, we don't need the extra daylight. Wouldn't it be better to trade it for a later starting day and gain $300 million or so in tourism receipts?"

The change is scheduled to go in effect in November, when the rest of the country reverts back to standard time. Hawaii is now at GMT-10, but at that time, Hawaii will move to GMT-11 by simply staying three hours behind Los Angeles and six hours behind New York City, and remain at GMT-11 when DST returns in March 2012.
Me, I'm not liking this idea too much. I've been back in Hawaii for five days and I'm still waking up at 6:30 since my body's stuck on California time, and this would just mean I'm getting up at 5:30.

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