Friday, July 9, 2010

Holy watered-down statements, Banman!

Beijing and Washington have agreed on the wording of a condemnation of the late March sinking of South Korea's Chonan battleship. Great news, right?

Well, hold on, because if it involves China and its hegemonic relationship with North Korea, that necessitates a detour through Bizarro World, and what we have coming out the other end is this crap:
The U.S. and China have agreed to condemn the March 26 attack on a South Korean warship, without accusing North Korea, in a statement given today to the United Nations Security Council.

“The Security Council condemns the attack which led to the sinking of the Cheonan,” the statement, provided by the U.S. Mission to the UN, says. It “takes note’’ of North Korea’s denial of complicity.
Has sad it is that so little changes as time goes on. But if China is still peddling the fiction that the US and South Korea started the Korean War, why should we expect anything different on this score.

I'm really in the mood to stop buying Chinese products altogether.


  1. China is always playing a game of "split the baby in two" with reality.

  2. while china makes me angry, i know why china does what it does. it makes the correction decision. you are american, so you may not understand. lemme explain:

    NK is far less an ally to China than israel to US, and far less controllable. But what little control, it must remain alive, and china understands this. Thus, to maintain what little control, China will never NEVER reject NK like SK govt does. DESPERATE people do desperate things, and NK is no exception. If China rejects NK, NK is truly isolated - and that is bad for everyone involved. Nuclaear weapons, refugees, and 23 million brainwashed people, right between the world's 2nd, 3rd, and 15th largest economies of the world? DISASTER

    oh and i will like to see you prove you can stop buying China goods. Try it! haha. you support KORUS FTA, but are naive to think you can stop buying Chinese? You need to be less romantic.

  3. What country are you from, John?

    I think your Israel analogy is a good one, though I think the China has more control over North Korea than the US has over Israel (but both Israel and North Korea poke their sponsors in the eye just to prove they can).

    As for the China boycott, it's only something I'm "in the mood" to do. Did you see my posts on my beloved iPhone 4? Right on the back it says, "Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China."


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