Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WangKon936 also sent me an NYT article on taquerias in Korea

Which should be called Taquoreas.

The NYT article's photographer should be warned he will be arrested for taking down-shirt pictures as soon as he lands at Incheon International.

And a partial HT goes to cmm, who is more m than cm ever will be.


  1. Interesting, my name is on post's title. That never happened to me before....

  2. I'll admit, it is sort of weird when you first notice a post like that, but in a good way.

    Almost makes you want to start your own blog, eh Wangkon?

    Keep sending me links that I might not see, and I might do it again.

  3. "Almost makes you want to start your own blog, eh Wangkon?"

    Who freaking has the time, huh?... ;)

  4. Well, if you're answering two-month-old posts, apparently you don't.


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