Friday, July 9, 2010

Who owns the Korean Taco™?

Well, Kushibo does. Because I bothered to put the little ™ trademark thingee next to it. Duh. Next topic.

Seriously, though, this is a serious question, discussed by serious professors, like UCLA Law School's Kal Raustiala and the University of Virginia Law School's Chris Sprigman, who talk about it in the NYT's Freakanomics blog.

I know this is a serious discussion because Wangkon himself (HT!) emailed me a link of the OC Weekly blog article (blargicle™... er, barticle™) that highlighted this burning legal issue. And I'm glad he did, because I missed the NYT blarticle™ (that looks better) and I don't read the OC Weekly. Back in Hawaii, I pick up the Honolulu Weekly only to read this week's "Tom Tomorrow" (which they've stopped printing in color... the economy is that bad).

Anyhoo, this is has all got me to thinking that I now want a Korean taco. Ever since last year, I have been toying with the idea that when I'm in SoCal again (which I presently am), I would get myself on the Kogi Truck Twitter feed and find where they are that day. This could be exciting.

I may have to call Wangkon himself and suggest he join me when they next swing through OC. Usually I go on my food adventures with my Mom, because she pays, but this is what she'll say: "Why would we drive halfway across the OC and then wait in line like we're getting an iPhone for something we could put together ourselves by hitting two different restaurants at the same strip mall down on the corner?"

I then correct her, telling her it's a unique cross-cultural experience, and the synergy of mixing the two with intent is probably a better outcome than what we'd end up with by combining La Casa de Chang and El Coyote Naranjo. Also, don't use the definite article with "OC" unless you're doing so ironically, and please be reminded that since January 1, "strip malls" in Orange County are to be called "Lite Shopping Experience Centers." You're paying the fine next time, Mom.

So how 'bout it, WK? You pick me up at the Coffee Bean and we'll be on our way (unless you want to ride bikes).

In the meantime, there's a serious discussion for you, dear readers: Not unlike the notion of whether Korea "owns" kimchi, who gets to lay claim to the Korean taco. And since I withheld any adolescent to urge to make double entendres about Korean tacos, I expect you to do the same.


  1. Hey Kush,

    Relax. You don't have to drive that far. Kogi has several trucks and one is full time in the OC.

  2. I realized after the post that they finally have a full-time OC truck. I had forgotten such plans, having read sometime in the past that they will do that in the future.

    Still, Irvine to Fullerton or Seal Beach to Orange or whatever is still halfway across OC.

  3. The OC truck is the Naranja, right? Which means "orange" in Spanish, right? (I never took Spanish).

    Anyway, I might be able to entice my mother with these photos. The Aloha Bowl looks interesting, as do the quesadillas.


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