Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UN Security Council a dangerous field for South Korea

Seoul is having trouble getting any respect at the UNSC, where it is pushing for a firm resolution on North Korea's reported sinking of the Chonan.

From AFP:
South Korea Monday urged the UN Security Council to send a firm message to North Korea over the sinking of a warship, but declined comment on media reports that China was blocking such a move.

The North meanwhile repeated vows to strengthen its nuclear weaponry in a new way to counter what it called US threats over the case.

"The international community should send a firm and clear message to North Korea," Seoul's foreign ministry spokesman Kim Young-Sun told a briefing.

Kim refused comment on reports that China objects to identifying its ally the North as the culprit, but admitted it was difficult to say when the council would reach a conclusion.
The usual suspects — Beijing and Moscow — are behind the move:
Unlike many other nations, permanent Security Council members China and Russia have not publicly accused Pyongyang of being behind the sinking.

Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported Monday that China was apparently blocking any reference in the council that would point directly to North Korea as the culprit.

It is even trying to water down the term "torpedo attack", which it believes is too strong, by replacing it with the word "incident", Chosun said.

Seoul's Yonhap news agency said late last week the discussions had been stalled largely due to the reluctance of China and Russia to pinpoint North Korea as the aggressor.
Can we finally recognize that we are firmly back in Cold War mode, replete with hot Russian spies and perhaps a return to the Great Game of yesteryear? Moscow and Beijing are still aligned with Pyongyang in an effort to control territory (indirectly) or at least poke the eye of a rival. That makes it Cold War Lite, though might I suggest the term "Chilly War."


  1. How about a "Cool War"?


  2. while it pains me to see China opposed to Korean unification, i will agree with them. because, if china separates itself more from NK, NK becomes less controllable. To prevent war, China must remain an ally of NK. To promote war, China would ignore NK's wishes.

    thus, i painfully accept that China's position is correct. This is not cold war, except only to the scared American.s

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