Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Kor for January 4, 2011

The new year is looking very good. We've got the KOSPI at an all-time high, Kia and Hyundai riding a 10-percent rise and anticipating 10 percent more, and President Lee cautiously looking for a balance between diplomacy and strength as it deals with North Korea. All this good news in the first week of January can only mean one thing: It's all downhill from here. (Just kidding... wouldn't want to jinx anything.)
  1. In New Year's address to nation (full text), President Lee Myungbak opens door to possible peace talks with North Korea while vowing not to let Pyongyang "covet even an inch of our territory" (YonhapAP via WaPo, BBC, UPIReutersBloomberg, Korea Times, Joongang Daily)
  2. On first day of trading in new year, South Korean stocks rise to all-time high (WSJ, Korea Times, Joongang Daily)
    • Goldman-Sachs says KOSPI will rise 32 percent in 2011(Bloomberg)
  3. South Korean manufacturing accelerates in December to highest level in seven months (AFP)
    • KRW expected to strengthen 7.2 percent to 1050 won per dollar (Bloomberg)
  4. Military brass eye battle-ready troops as top priority for 2011 (Yonhap, Korea Times)
    • Kushibo's note: Um, shouldn't that have been the priority since, like, 1950?
    • Antisubmarine defenses also boosted (Joongang Daily)
  5. After strong 2010, Hyundai and Kia eye 10 percent rise in sales in 2011 (Reuters, WSJ)
  6. Korea's National Health Insurance Corporation posts W1.3 trillion (US$1.1 billion) loss in 2010 (Korea Times)
  7. Kim Jong-il says coveted Ronald McDonald footwear contract will lead North Korea to economic prosperity in Juche 100 (Yonhap)

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