Monday, January 3, 2011


And just so we're clear, this is Fahrenheit. 10°F would be -12°C. Double yikes.

Ah, that's better.

Seriously, if it makes anyone feel better, skin cancer is through the roof here. (And get used to this kinda of thing now that I've discovered how to do screen capture with my iPhone.)


  1. Looks like your phone has a glitch. How is it currently 10 degrees with the low forecast for 15 degrees in Seoul?

  2. You'll have to take that up with Yahoo! or whomever they get their weather data from. The forecasts don't always line up with the actual temperature, and you do sometimes get winter nighttime lows as much as ten degrees or more colder than the forecast.

    If there's any glitch with my phone it's that it dropped 1% of its battery power in just two minutes.

  3. -12°C? That's a nice warm night where I'm from (Canada)!


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