Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daily Kor for January 6, 2011

In this image: Kids human rights being infringed upon.

That's right, teachers and administrators who decide that schools are a place of learning and that cell phones distract from that — even if used just during lunch period or recess (do Korean kids get recess?) — are violating their human rights, according to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.

Kushibo is a traditionalist who believes that (a) kids don't need their cell phones and it's not infringement on their human rights to stop them from doing whatever the heck they want whenever they want and (b) cell phone games and communications even during lunch break can disrupt the learning process and normal social interactions. The only positive outcome I can see from cases like this is that they distract from the NHRCK's efforts to spread HIV infection across South Korea.
  1. Japan to propose unprecedented military ties with South Korea (NYT, UPIBBC, AFP, Joongang Daily, Chosun Ilbo, Donga Ilbo)
    • South Korea wary on prospect (WSJ)
  2. US envoy on North Korea arrives in South Korea to discuss possible resumption of negotiations and six-party talks (LAT, AP video, UPI)
  3. North Korea calls for unconditional talks with South (AP via WaPo)
    • South Korea rejects overture as not "sincere enough" (Bloomberg, WSJ)
  4. Former President Kim Youngsam promises to donate all personal wealth to eponymous foundation (Yonhap, Korea Times, Joongang Daily)
  5. State human rights council says student ban on using cell phones during non-class hours is infringes students' human rights (Yonhap
  6. Foreign car sales jump 49 percent in 2010 (Korea Times)
  7. Apartment prices in Seoul drop 2.9 percent in 2010 while chŏnse rises 7.2 percent (Joongang Daily)
  8. New statistics show that economic gap between two Koreas remains wide (Yonhap, Joongang Daily)
    • Kushibo's comment: Duh (Or doi, if you prefer)
  9. Samsung announces record investment and hiring as it seeks chokehold global domination bigger share of pie (AP via WaPo)
  10. Hyundai Steel hikes export prices (Reuters)
  11. Hyundai Motors has best year ever in US in 2010 (Joongang Daily)
  12. Cost of foot-and-mouth disease outbreak expected to reach W1 trillion won (Donga Ilbo)
  13. Financial Supervisory Service to check check banks' exposure to project-financing loans amid concerns about weak domestic property market's impact on the financial sector (WSJ)
  14. New report says South Korean military still gayest in the world (Jane's)

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