Monday, August 10, 2009

21st century chukpuin

A chukpuin (죽부인/竹夫人; literally, "bamboo wife") is a bamboo lattice woven into a cylindrical shape designed to allow a slumbering person to get into the comfortable sleeping position where one grabs a pillow or something while on one's side, but in a way that one would not get hot and sticky on a humid night by having one's body pressed up against an actual pillow. My ex had one, and she swore by it (don't ask; I didn't). 

While this is an old "invention" (apparently from Indonesia), these things are still around and you can easily purchase one at E-Mart and the like. 

[above: I would have a caption contest for this pic, but I'm fairly certain it could get out of hand very quickly.]

Anyhoo, allkpop, a blog that is all K-pop, presents us with an updated version: the "tofu doll," a large "doll" with the picture of one's target of affection (requited or otherwise) where the face would be. Rather than making one feel cooler, I think it's designed to make you feel all warm (and fuzzy) inside. And a little tingly, depending on how it's used. I'll have to ask my ex. 

(HT to Extra! Korea, who is creeped out by this.)

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