Monday, August 3, 2009

And speaking of watermelon

Today, August 3, is National Watermelon Day. What better time to post this?

I got this picture from the Chosun Ilbo. No doubt this hapless woman was probably just trying to beat the heat by eating a juicy watermelon at some market fruit stall in some part of Seoul and those pervy bastards at the CI snapped this picture, without her permission, I'm sure. Maybe they thought that her hair and the watermelon obscured enough of her face that she can't be recognized, but I'll bet anyone checking out the CI will know exactly which hagwon she works at. Those pervy bastards. 

I, of course, am just reprinting the pervy bastards' picture to show what pervy bastards they are. There is no hypocrisy there. None whatsoever.

[I know, I know, it's a picture of Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima.]

To make this Korea-related, the groundwork for the development of seedless watermelons is credited to Korean-Japanese U Changchun (우장춘, or Woo Jangchun), a man whose father may have been involved with the Ŭlmi Incident, the Japanese-led assassination of the Chosǒn-era Queen Min. I like seedless watermelons; when I was about six, my friend's brother had me convinced that eating watermelon seeds would make you pregnant.


  1. It's actaully quite hard to find seedless watermelons in South Korea for some reason. It also freaked me out a bit as most people here have no problem eating the seeds. I guess it might be because I grew up growing and eating the much larger seeded, and larger sized, varieties like Jubilee, Charleston Grey, and Moon and Stars. It seems most South Korean varieties are related to Crimson Sweet.

  2. the Mudeung San watermelon here in Gwangju is awesome, but quite expensive

  3. i love watermelon, so I'll have to try and find this Mudeung San watermelon.

  4. Is that what you guys are commenting on?

    (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) ;)

  5. i was so surprised when i found out it was actually koreans who were stereotypically into fried chicken and watermelon

  6. Yes, in addition to being The Irish of Asia™, The Italians of Asia™, and The Jews of Asia™, Koreans are also The African-American Stereotypes of Asia.


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