Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back on Oahu

I arrived late last night and am now headed out toward Sandy Beach and
Makapuu Point in order to recharge the Honda's battery after 2.5
months of no activity (should have disconnected the battery), at the
recommendation of the Geico-contracted roadside service guy.

I have an Egg McMuffin, a coffee, and a haupia pie from McD's, staring
at the ocean that in the morning sun is even deeper blue than usual.
Life ain't too shabby.


  1. It is a pretty amazing location. In fact, on the TV show "Lost," the place is used to film "the cove," the rocky area where, among other things, Desmond accidentally kills Kelvin.

    They might call it "Cockroach Cove," but I've never heard that name used.

    If I have any "Lost" friends visit me here in Hawaii, it would be fun to embark on a Lost tour of Oahu.


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