Saturday, August 29, 2009

Delivery Notification: Delivery has failed

Earlier today I sent someone a link to a three-year-old post that was "inspired" by another blogger. Many of you who have been active participants or lurkers on the Korea-related English-language blogs may remember a once prolific blogger named Plunge. Though he had his share of spars with those with whom he disagreed, he was a well-liked blogger. Both The Marmot and Plunge himself agree that he was instrumental in making The Marmot's Hole the celebrated go-to blog that it is today. 

We were all shocked when he revealed (post no longer up) that he was experiencing very severe and likely fatal health problems. I certainly was

Since June 2006 he has stopped posting, but his blog is still up. No one I know has heard from him, and his contact address yields the message in the title above. As anyone with a Mac knows, addresses are part of a paid-for subscription to a service, and if I'm getting a bounceback like that, it means no one has paid to renew it. That does not bode well, and with other harrowing things that have happened around me since 2006 or later, I am geared up for the worst.  

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