Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chosun Ilbo on Kim Jong-il's paramours

Paramour is the more modern word for concubine and the politer term for mistress. Anyway, the Chosun Ilbo, not much of a fan of the Dear Leader, has an article on the three women above (from left, Kim Ok [김옥], Song Hyerim [송혜림], and Ko Yong-hi [고영희], about whom I've posted in the past) as well as the women who had the audacity to reject KJI. 

It's a disturbing portrait that includes executions of people who turned down L'il Kim or spoke of their relationship. In a normal society, such behavior would be considered sociopathic. 

And while none of it what's in the CSI article would really surprise me, there is still the caveat that it is pieced together from sources that are not always 100% reliable. And while that means that KJI might not be as nefarious as depicted, there's also the possibility that he's even far more evil. 


  1. Evil's a strong word.

    Is there a stronger word for it?

  2. Nouns: wickedness, bad, badness, wrongdoing, sin, ill, immorality, vice, iniquity, degeneracy, corruption, depravity, villainy, nefariousness, malevolence, devil, turpitude.

    Adjectives: bad, wrong, immoral, sinful, foul, vile, dishonorable, corrupt, iniquitous, depraved, reprobate, villainous, nefarious, vicious, malicious, malevolent, sinister, demonic, devilish, diabolical, fiendish, dark, monstrous, shocking, despicable, atrocious, heinous, odious, contemptible, horrible, execrable..

  3. i think i prefer the super mario evil. =)

  4. Power corrupts, and absolute power is an even bigger turn-on.


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