Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Okay, so I had the wrong Bill

Several months ago, I predicted that seasoned diplomat Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico and a North Korea hand for both the Clinton and Bush43 administrations, would be headed to Pyongyang to help get Laura Ling and Euna Lee out of prison the villa they're being kept in (and, yeah, it is forced confinement, so it isn't a laughing matter). 

Well, it turns out I had the wrong Bill. It is actually Bill Clinton who is headed for North Korea, according to the Los Angeles Times:
Former President Clinton was en route to Pyongyang in a bid to negotiate the release of two American TV journalists sentenced to 12 years in prison for illegally entering North Korea, according to a U.S. official who requested anonymity and would not discuss details of the mission.
Again, just what will Shill Bill have to entice North Korea with in order to win the release of these career enhancers journalists? 

Thanks again, Lee, Ling, and Koss. Thanks ever so much.

The Marmot adds:
I also hope neither Euna Lee nor Laura Ling try to make money off this episode when they get out.
Asked and answered.

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