Sunday, August 9, 2009

CIA chimes in on the Kim Jong-il Death Pool

I'll have to get in touch with them for more precise dates and times, but it appears that the CIA — via the South Korean government — has given their own prediction on the demise of Kim Jong-il for my Death Pool:
A South Korean government source on Friday said the CIA last month informed intelligence authorities here of a long-distance analysis of Kim's health that suggests there is a 71 percent probability of Kim, who has been battling complications from a stroke and diabetes, dying within the next five years.

The CIA speculation is apparently based on analysis of medical data including Kim's age, medical history, physical condition, and changes in his physical condition between the time of the stroke and more recently. It indexed Kim's physical condition based on various intelligence reports including brain scan pictures obtained by South Korean intelligence and testimonies of senior informants, in addition to information such as photos of Kim's on-the-spot guidance tours.
Okay, so that's about five years from now, and from what exactly? Give me something precise. I mean, come on, you're the CIA! The Washington Times went out on the line and said pancreatic cancer, when no one else was saying pancreatic cancer! 

Oh, and also, please be planning what should be done if you really are right about the Dear Leader's (relatively) imminent demise.

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  1. Now it's diabetes?

    *thinking* (i'm not winning over CIA's predictions)

    ... and five years they say? that's a bit short. it is quite obvious that the man suffered from stroke, but diabetes is not as (deadly?) dangerous. It has some stages. How serious is his diabetes? Level 3? 4? even so, he can still live longer.

    but it mentioned complications. My best friend's dad had about a year. Diabetes and stroke too... plus more complications (his internal organs shut down one by one), it was painful to watch.

    I forfeit! *sigh* (^.~)


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