Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is it with kyopo men in positions of authority in Orange County?

Fresh on the heels of the arrest of music teacher Daniel Hansol Oh last February for molesting at least three very minor girls in Orange County, comes news that a church group leader in Cypress (western Orange County) from Fullerton (northern Orange County) has been arrested for giving a fifteen-year-old girl marijuana and having sex with her in the church parking lot.

Twenty-one-year-old Timothy Han supposedly did all this in June 2008 at Miracle Land Baptist Church, a Korean-American-oriented church in western OC. He is being charged with two felony sex charges and one misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which brings with it a maximum of three years and eight months in state prison.

Cypress Chief of Police Gerard Rudiger is quoted as saying, "I've been reading at KoreaBeat how English teachers have been harassed by the authorities in Korea over every little thing, so I thought it was time for some payback."

No, not really; I'm making that last part up. But I thought that was a better way to end this post than to give examples of some of the naughty things I may or may not have done in church parking lots, though it was always with people no less legal than I was, and it never involved drugs of any kind.

[above: "하나님, we pray that it was only that one girl that Brother Timothy tried to lure down the path of iniquity* and turpitude**. Oh, and if it pleases you, strike him with ice cream headaches every day he's in prison, and maybe a big, sweaty cell mate named Bobby Ray."]

* evangelical speak for fornicating with underage girls
** evangelical speak for smoking pot


  1. They are going to find out really soon that California takes rape seriously. This isn't some backward country where the judicial system comes across as the premise for a risque comedy:
    "Ok, let's take a victim of repeated rapes..."
    "Make her retarded!"
    "Good, producer Kim!"
    "And underage!"
    "...try the rapists, who just so happen to be relatives, convict them, but give them all suspended sentences."
    "Oh wait, wait...then give the girl back to the rapist realatives because, you know, someone has to take "care" of her, wink wink."

  2. To what actual risqué comedy are you referring?

  3. The 3 releatives who raped the retarded girl and then got suspended sentences and the girl back. Did I get some of that wrong?

  4. When did they make a risqué comedy about that? Or when was any situation like that the premise for a risqué comedy?

    Anyway, both Daniel Hansol Oh and Timothy Han are Americans, as far as I know, so I doubt they were doing anything based on what types of aberrant judicial decisions have recently been made in Korea.

    (And yes, it is aberrant; you only know about it because some in the Korean media thought it an unusual miscarriage of justice.)

  5. It sounds like a risque comedy. The tragedy is that it is real.

  6. It's a tragedy that it happened, yes. But it's bewildering why you would hear that and think "risqué comedy."

    At that point you stop making biting commentary and wayward Korean jurisprudence and start fingering your own weirdness.

  7. Do you think it does not sound like some Kafkaesque movie? It is amusing that these judges can get away with such things. It is a comedy. B&E and a rape gets a suspended sentence. That is the latest comedy. I think you missed the humor of the post.

  8. Pot is pretty big with Korean church praise singers in English Ministry youth groups.

    Sad but true.


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