Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On the homefront with Euna

The Los Angeles Times has reports on the same letter below. I'm beginning to formulate an opinion that the foolish decisions that led to Laura Ling and Euna Lee's arrest — including the mind-bogglingly stupogant idea to illegally enter North Korea — were more the work of Ling and Mitch Koss and less (if at all) of Euna Lee. 

While Laura Ling is out making book deals, Euna Lee is at home making scrambled eggs. This link goes to a heartfelt letter she posted to one of the sites that was supporting her. 

And then there was this:
As soon as I got home, after I gave a long hug to my family, I wanted to thank the people who helped me. I wanted to let people know how grateful I was and am. I found myself surfing the Internet and reading different blogs and news articles about us. Then I realized that I felt separated again from my husband and daughter, just as I was for 141 days in North Korea.

I decided then not to go through all the emails and articles just yet. I have not checked the Facebook pages about Laura and I or the web site, Because I know that once I started to read them I would get caught up in all the love and support everybody gave me and I will neglect my family.
Yeah, you might want to give my blog a pass. Really, it's not that I'm not happy you're back from North Korea, it's just that I wish you hadn't gone in the first place. 

When I get a little more time, maybe I'll write an open letter of contrition and penance for Euna to peruse. I have a feeling that she, but maybe not her comrade, would actually take it seriously.

[above: North Korean refugees hiding in China who were interviewed by Laura Ling et al on videotape brought by these reporters into North Korea also have families.]

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