Thursday, August 13, 2009

Laura Ling and Euna Lee say thanks on CurrentTV video

I'll cut them some slack for not talking about the things they should be talking about (after all, they just got home). But whatever book deal they make and whatever public appearances they make to talk about this, they should be ready to answer some tough questions and, in my opinion, show some serious contrition and penitence for the consequences of their actions vis-à-vis the people whose very lives they put in danger. 

Watching this video, it's easy to imagine what kind of dynamic is driving book deals reportedly being sought by Laura Ling and her sister who — do I need to remind anyone of this? — was not captured and did not spend nearly five months at the Pyongyang Palazzo: If one is seeking to capitalize on the accidental spotlight in order to gain more celebrity and riches, one would not want to be saddled with a halting speaker who is not a native Anglophone. 

For Lisa Ling, the reasons for ditching Euna are even greater: She is not Euna. Other than being captured at the same time doing the same stuff and being in the same imprisoned condition as Laura Ling, what has Euna done to deserve being paired up in any book deal? Lisa, on the other hand, can guarantee Oprah. 

Sigh. My level of disgust at these two and their colleague Mitch Koss has not abated at all, but it used to be spread out equally. It is now quite a bit less for Euna Lee and quite a bit more for Laura Ling (with spillover to her sister). 

(Hat tip to Joshua of One Free Korea and whomever it was that gave him the link)


  1. Why not leave a similar comment under the video itself?
    It only takes a minute or two to create a Current account if you don't have one already.

    Somebody left a comment suggesting Laura and Euna pose for Playboy, so there's nothing you can submit that will get deleted.

  2. I think I shall. But I need to write something substantial there, not just links back to this site.

  3. Well, also, I think you can say that the level of disgust is slightly lower for Euna because she's a tad bit cuter (and Korean) and Laura is just not easy to look at. It's always easier to forgive the ones that are cuter. I know, I know...that came off as a really non-pc and piggish comment. Oh, by the way, did somebody ACTUALLY suggest they pose for playboy???! Laura Ling...nude?!! Jeez...THAT would be one copy that would NOT sell!

  4. I guess Euna is cuter. I mean, if I had to choose between Laura and Euna, Euna would be more my style, but neither one is Miss California material. I recognize, though, that people less accustomed to seeing lots and lots of Northeast Asian faces, however, might find both of them especially attractive, so the Playboy suggestion doesn't seem too ridiculous.

    Anyway, my forgiveness of Euna has more to do with my changing perceptions of Laura Ling's and Lisa Ling's behavior, as I see the opportunism come through and it becomes clearer (to me) whose cockamamy idea this was.

    And, like you, I would be no more likely to buy the Playboy issue with Laura Ling nude as I would be to buy her book.

  5. The side by side shot of the two of them is proof (at least to me) that Korean women are, on average, prettier than Chinese women.


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